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This plugin lets you display (on a product page) additional products that are frequently bought together, along with the given product. If you intend to cross sell products on your online shop, then this is the perfect plugin for you.
Customers often consider buying products that are suggested as ‘frequently bought together’. This feature not just suggests them to buy additional products, but often works as a reminder to them, for buying those additional products that they’d need to have, along with the given product.

Essentially, these additional ‘Frequently Bought Together’ products are the ones that intend to enhance the value/usability of given product. Therefore, the customers are often encouraged to buy them as well.

This a wonderful feature for cross selling products on your online shop. The feature will also speed up purchase process for your customers, if incase they did intend to separately buy those products, in the first place. Needless to mention, having this feature could dramatically boost your sales!

new: multilingual Support

Option to give your own plugin Title

add ‘Frequently Bought Together’ products from Product Page

add as many Frequently Bought Together products

set custom text for ‘total price’ label of related products

Advance Styling

More Features

  1. You could add as many Frequently Bought Together products on a single product page as you want.
  2. Option to have customised label based on the number of associated items selected.
  3. Option to set the position of thumbnails (top or bottom).

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