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Our plugin doesn’t support the multisite network.

By adding Wishlist feature to your ecommerce site, you could let your customers save the items that they would like to purchase, but in future. This helps them in keeping track of items they desire to buy. The Wishlist Plugin also lets your customers share their Wishlist with friends through various social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and/or Twitter).
Just like a ‘To Do’ list, a lot of people also have a ‘To Buy’ list lingering around in their heads. By adding Wishlist Feature to your ecommerce site, you could help your customers store that ‘To Buy’ list to their accounts and come back again when it is the right time for them to buy those ‘wishlisted’ items . Of course, adding items to a Wishlist would require your customers to log into their accounts first. One important benefit of having this plugin is that it lets your customers share their wishlists with their influencers – the people who usually help them in deciding what to or not to buy (friends, siblings and others). This helps them in quick decision making, thus increasing the chances of purchase.

Premium Features

  1. Users can create as many wishlists as they want to.
  2. You could let users Add or Remove items from wishlist and could let them Delete & Manage entire wishlists.
  3. Option to show multiple ‘Add to Cart’ Buttons in Wishlist Table.
  4. You could stylize the entire wishlist by setting elements like ‘Popup Color’, ‘Add to Wishlist’ Text, ‘Add to Wishlist’ Button Color etc.
  5. You could email promotional offers or deals to users who have added specific products to their wishlists.
  6. You could alter the email template by setting its Type (Plain, HTML, Multi-part), Content (Subject, Email Heading & Body Copy) and other elements, as per your choice.
    Users could move a wishlisted item from one wishlist to another, directly from the Table itself.
  7. The Button Type could be Set as ‘Link’, ‘Button’ or ‘Icon’.
  8. Option to Add Title on Wishlist Page.
  9. You could Add Wishlist to any of the pages using a Shortcode.
  10. You could Enable option for Redirecting users onto Add-to-Cart Page.
  11. You could Select the option for automatically removing a product from Wishlist after it’s been added to Cart.
  12. Option to Show Unit Price for each Product in Wishlist.
  13. Option to Display ‘Add to Cart’ Button on each Wishlisted Product.
  14. Option to Show Stock Availability Status (as ‘In Stock’ or ‘Out of Stock’) on each product in the Wishlist.
  15. You could Select to Display ‘Product already in wishlist’ as a message that appears when a multi-wishlist is activated.
  16. You could Display ‘Add to Wishlist’ Option on Product Page.
  17. You could Display ‘See Wishlist’ as a message on Product Page.
  18. Display the message ‘ Added’ , when a product is added to Wishlist.
  19. Option to Display Product Adding Date to the wishlist.
  20. Option to Display the message –‘Product already in wishlist’ when a user tries to add an existing product to a wishlist.
  21. Option to display a message asking the user to login first before adding product to wishlist.
  22. All free features are included.


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