While browsing through an e-commerce store, there are many options available in each category. These items are spread across pages. Keeping track of the shortlisted items and their page numbers can be very confusing. It causes the customer to lose interest and you might lose out on getting another conversion.

To avoid such situations, we created the INFINITE AJAX SCROLLING LITE PLUGIN TO WOOCOMMERCE.

This plugin allows the customer to scroll through all the items in the same category on a single page. All they have to do is scroll down and continue as much as they want. No need to keep track of the page numbers of the item seen earlier. With this plugin, all the items are on the same page so all they have to do to see the product seen earlier is to scroll up.

This reduces the time taken for a page to load as all the products are on the same page. This feature is even more useful when viewing the website on your mobile phone as it is our natural tendency to scroll down while using the mobile.


You can download the free version from the link below.


Once you have uploaded the plugin, activate your plugin in Plugins → Installed Plugins. If it has been activated correctly, plugin control panel is available in the tab Infinite Scrolling in WordPress dashboard.


Some of the features of the free version are:

  • This plugin enables infinite scrolling on the category page.
  • You can upload a loader image of your choice also.


While the features of the free version are good enough to help your customers. However, if you wish to enhance their experience on your website, the premium version is the best choice.


Some of the features of the premium version are:-

  • Select Types of Pagination (Infinite Scrolling, Load More Button, Ajax Pagination.)
  • Choose a Loader from the options given OR Upload a Loader Image
  • Pick a Loading effect from:
  1. Zoom in,
  2. Bounce in,
  3. Fade in,
  4. Fade in from top to down,
  5. Fade in from down to top,
  6. Fade in from right to left,
  7. Fade in from left to right.
  • Pick a Styling Options from:
  1. Load more” button text,
  2. Load more” button hover color,
  3. Load more” button text color,
  4. Load more” button hover text color.