Top 5 WordPress Plugins for ECommerce Websites


When it comes to e-Commerce, WordPress has a large repository of shopping cart plugins to choose from. The upside, there are many options to choose from. The downside, there are many options to choose from.

Every business is unique in terms of its products and services. Therefore, every business deserves a unique online presence. If you want to build the perfect online shopping cart on WordPress, then a lot depends on the plug-in that you have picked with which to build an online store.

Here is a list of top 5 WordPress plugins for Ecommerce websites which will help you to decide which plug-in suits your needs.




Ever since it entered the E-commerce market in 2011, WooCommerce has had over 2.5 million downloads and till date it is the most popular E-commerce plugin on WordPress.

It smoothly integrates into your WordPress website and has an admin panel that is basically a cakewalk for users who are familiar with WordPress.

Here is a list of features that WooCommerce offers in its plugin

Flexibility Check
Customization Check
Google Analytics Check
Social Sharing Sharedaddy and Share This
PayPal Gateway Check
SEO Optimization Check
Different Payment Options Check
Inventory Management Check
Number of Extensions 229

The above list of features make WooCommerce an extremely resourceful plugin that will make for a smooth online store management system.

WooCommerce has also gained popularity because of its amazing list of personalized extensions like Customer Product Tabs lite, WooCommerce Customizer, Affiliates Integration Light and many more that will make for an excellent online selling experience.

You can visit this link,  to get the complete list of extensions that WooCommerce offers.


Cost: Free but with paid extensions depending on the needs of your websites.


2.WP E-commerce


When it comes to e-commerce plugins, WP E-commerce plug-in is a beauty. It is one of the very few e-commerce plugins on WordPress that is regularly updated.

Its list of features is almost never ending. It can be easily integrated into your WordPress website and is very easy to understand.

Here is a link to the huge list of WP e-commerce features that will give you an idea of all that this shopping cart offers for your website,

Flexibility Check
Customization Check
Multiple Shipping Options Check
Community Support Check
Catalog Management Check
SEO Optimization Check
Multiple Payment Gateways Check

In the five years of its introduction WP e-commerce has not diminished in popularity. Continued updates have made WP e-commerce an evergreen option that will never get old.


Cost: Free


3.Cart66 Cloud


What makes Cart66 Cloud a popular plug-in is its claim on security. It is a PCI compliant e-commerce plugin that will give you the most secure shopping cart experience of your life.

With a Cart66 Cloud based shopping cart, you get to give your customers the most secure and seamless shopping experience of their lives.

It frees you from worrying about hackers and lets you concentrate on what you do best, that is conducting your online business. This awesome shopping cart plug-in supports around 50 payment gateways.

It is your all-in-one plugin that will rid you of needing any extensions to run your cart. It is easy to install and even easier to manage. Its additional security makes it the perfect plug-in for businesses that deal with digital products.

Check out this link  to get a detailed list of Cart66 Cloud features.

Security Check
40+ Payment Gateways Check
Digital Product Selling Check
Inventory Control Check
SEO Optimization Cross
Ease of Use Check
Social Sharing Cross


Cost: $25 per month or $199 per year.




MarketPress is a shopping cart plug-in that entered WordPress in the year 2009 and has been in development ever since. Its updates are regular and it has some of the best features that any successful shopping cart can wish to have. It has had over 101,523 downloads.

MarketPress can be a great plug-in if it is paired with another e-commerce plugin preferably WP e-commerce.

Its interface is simple to understand and is a lightweight plugin that does not put any load on your server.

It is a fully internationalized plug-in which means it can be translated into any language.

Google Analytics Integration Check
Dynamic Shipping Calculations Check
Unlimited Product Variations Check
Affiliate Program Integration Check
WordPress Compatibility Check
Multiple Gateways Check
Widget Support Check

Here is a complete list of MarketPress features

Cost: Currently MarketPress is priced at $19/month, however, if you are fan of WPMU DEV plugins you can enjoy their entire line of plug-ins at an amazing monthly rate of $39/month.


5.Easy Digital Downloads


As the name suggests, Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin that is designed specifically for digital products.

If your product niche is in digital products like eBooks, music downloads etc. then this is just the right plug-in for you.

It has over 190 extensions, so that you can optimize your store just the way you want it.

It even offers multi site support so that you can view the sales any number of e-stores owned by you with just a few simple clicks.

Multiple Payment Gateways Check
Multisite Support Check
Cost Free
Discount Options Check
Community Support Check
Affiliate Integration Check
Multiple Extensions Check
Number of Extensions 190+

If you want to know more about Easy Digital Downloads, you can check out this link which features all its extensions


Cost: Easy Digital Downloads comes with three varying range of prices:

One site management: $15

2-5 site management: $37

Unlimited sites management: $59


Now, you are equipped with all the information you need to pick the right e-commerce plug-in for your shopping cart. So, pick the right plug-in and enjoy a fabulous online marketing experience.