10 Landing Page Mantras that will Skyrocket Your Sales


10 Landing Page Mantras that will Skyrocket Your Sales

Are you tired of dealing with an increasing bounce rate? Is there are wide gap in your viewer to user ratio? Has your website been branded by bouncers? If yes, then either you have a sucky landing page or you never bothered enough to get one.


How viewers end up on a landing page?


If you don’t know squat about landing pages, then this is the first question that you should ask.

A Landing page is a page that is designed especially for first time visitors. Viewers are directed to landing pages via ads, banners, emails and social media links.

As they visit the page the first time, you need to keep them hooked till the end. Once you know the kind of viewers that visit your page, designing a landing page will get easier after that.

Given below is a list of tried and tested landing page mantras that will lead you down the aisle to the perfect landing page.


Landing Page Trick No. 1: Work on Your Headline


The biggest part of a landing page is the headline. Picking the right heading can take anywhere from minutes to hours. If you don’t hook them with the headline, then chances are that your viewers will exit in the next few seconds.

A well struck chord makes the difference between music and noise.  Similarly, a visitor should have no doubts about your page the very moment they read the headline.

Here is an example of a terrible headline that makes for an awful landing page.


I have also attached an example of an ideal landing page heading so that you can avoid making blunders like the ones this website owner has made.


The title of this landing page instantly gets you hooked and pushes you to hire their services.


Landing Page Trick No. 2: Post an Explainer Video


Almost all online surfers are spoilt brats who want everything served in a platter. If you give them a website that forces them to make an effort they will simply quit.

So, don’t make your visitors work. Just give them an explainer video that will tell them everything about your service and they will readily subscribe.

A landing page is an ideal location for an explainer video. It keeps the engaging process simple and to-the-point.


Landing Page Trick No. 3: Stay miles away from hodge-podge


No one likes chaos, and internet surfers are especially averse to it. They run at the site of a complex website. If you want to build their trust, then your goal should be to be as simple as simple can be.

Everything in your website should scream simplicity otherwise your bounce rate will only increase.

Here is an example of a simple landing page that will get instant hits.



Landing Page Trick No. 4: Stick to Short Paragraphs


The days of storytelling are long past gone. Internet surfers are people who lead busy lives. You need to speak to them in their language. Tell them how your offers can benefit them and why you are different from the rest.

If your argument is convincing they will instantly give you their contact details or hire your services. The best way to convince them is to give them the list of benefits that will cause an impact in their lives.


Landing Page Trick No. 5: Stay far away from negative sentences


Studies have shown that negative sentences like “Don’t worry, it’s not a virus” usually end up causing more harm than good. When people read words like virus and unsafe their first instinct is to close the website.

You should steer away from such sentences or you will end up facing an over the top bounce rate.


Landing Page Trick No. 6: When it comes to forms stick to the basics


Regular surfers are extremely flaky and impatient. They change their minds within seconds. If you want to interact with them you have to brace their speed.

If you ask for too much information in the fill up form they will get irritated. It is highly likely that they will stop midway between filling the form and will close the website.

A form like this has 0% chances of getting filled up.



Landing Page Trick No. 7: Establish your Credibility


Internet surfers are suckers for credibility. As they have faced fake websites on numerous occasions, they do everything to stay away from them. You can post the awards and authentications that your company has received to build your credibility.

This assures your clients that their money is in safe hands. These are some badges that will give you an aura of credibility.



Landing Page Trick No. 8: Do not Display all Your Products and Services


A landing page is meant to channel new visitors. Displaying all the products on the landing page is the biggest mistake that you can make. Regular surfers work will within a system. A landing page is meant to increase conversion rates. So, stick to the goals and don’t give your viewers any opportunity to lurk.


Landing Page Trick No. 9: Minimum navigation is the best navigation


The best landing pages are unidirectional. They have a single form and a one way navigation system. They increase the chances of viewers following up and becoming customers.

As the choices increase, internet surfers the probability of them leaving the page increases.

Give them a simple conversion option and they will easily click on the subscribe button.


Landing Page Trick No. 10: Landing page should be similar to the ad or banner that you have posted


The best landing pages are the ones that are similar to the ads and banners which they are linked to. If you have posted an ad on shoe sale, then your landing page should talk about your discount offers and not about other products that your website sells.

Any form of disconnection will turn them off as they will feel that you have cheated them. So, stick to the ad and deliver what you have promised them.

You have now finished your schooling in landing page creation. So, don’t forget to try this at home.