Are Mobile Responsive Website Designs In or Out?

To go mobile or not, that is the question. The smartphone revolution caused a ripple in the internet age that has not yet died down. One of the latest questions that many online developers have started asking is how effective will a mobile responsive design be for their business.

Difference between a Mobile Responsive Website Designs and a Mobile Application:

A mobile responsive website design or simply speaking a responsive design is basically a different layout that is designed specifically for smartphone users so that it can be easily accessed via smartphones and tablets.

A mobile application on the other hand is an application that smartphone and tablet users download on their phones and tablets to use or benefit from on a regular basis. It is available to them on their phones 24/7 and they can use the application whenever they want.

Mobile Web Application: How effective is this alternative?

Mobile applications took the smartphone market by a storm. With different applications users got the chance to modify their phones and customize their smartphones to an endless limit. They could download an application for any topic under the sun.

However, this rapid increase in application users does not come with promising results for people who wish to expand their business on an application level at its earlier stages.

Here are a few reasons why investors are turned off by mobile applications:

  • Turn off No. 1: An expensive investment

Building a mobile application requires an investment that is almost equal to the amount that will be required to build a website. You will have to invest separately in an application.

  • Turn off No. 2: Applications have to be downloaded first

Smartphone users are very picky when it comes to using their phone memory space. As mobile applications take up phone space, they only download applications and games that come in regular use for them.

Therefore, investing in an application will be a piss poor idea for websites that offer company descriptions and even many Ecommerce stores that are basically start ups or cater to a limited clientele.

  • Turn off No. 3: Managing an application and a website is not everyone’s cup of tea

A mobile application is a completely different platform that is not suitable for every website owner. In order to make a mobile application, you have to step into a different platform altogether.

You will need the time or the team to manage your website application as well as your website; it is a privilege that not all businessmen can afford.

Why a mobile responsive page is the right answer?

As we can confer from the above reasons, it can be concluded that an online application is simply not the answer that will increase your smartphone client base. The right answer to this problem is a responsive website.

Easy benefits of mobile responsive websites:

  • Reduce bounce rate

Almost 90% smartphone users are prone to walking out on a non responsive website. They get annoyed as they have to navigate a huge website through their small screens. As a result, they choose not to view such websites at all. This dramatically increases the bounce rate as smartphone and tablet users are increasing at a very fast pace.

  • Allows you to manage through one URL

As a responsive design is basically a layout, the URL remains the same, which means that you can easily keep a track of your mobile, tablet and desktop users from your website. It is a cheaper as well as the more functional alternative.

  • Yields long term results

The smartphone culture is here to stay. Almost all smartphone users prefer surfing the web with their phones or tablets. So, if you want your website to stand the test of time, then mobile responsive websites are just the thing for you.

Final Verdict:

If you are getting confused picking between a mobile application and a responsive design, then the choice is really simple. For globally recognized and famous websites, investing in an application is absolutely the right decision.

However, companies that don’t rely on a regular clientele and do not have a global or even a national level standing, an application is not the right call. Such websites will benefit more from a responsive design as it is cheaper, will serve the purpose and is much easier to manage.