Top 5 Cutting Edge WordPress Backup Plugins

backup_plugin Backlinks from link farms, which were in vogue a couple of years ago, no longer dominate in the search engine ranking strategies. Google loves fresh and relevant content and the best way to deliver them is through blogs. While there are several different platforms, there is no doubt that WordPress, with more than 70% of users selecting it as their blogging platform, is the leader of the pack. However, disaster can strike any time. The securest server can crash. Therefore, using a good backup utility ensures that the blog database is protected in such an event. Here is a list of the top 5 leading WordPress backup plugins.

  1. 1. BackUpWordPress

    backupwordpress_plugThis plugin allows users to generate automatic backups of their WordPress database on a scheduled basis that suits them. Being simple to use and easy to install, any body can start using it from day one. Unlike some other plugins, this one hardly eats into system memory resources, and works on hosting environments based on both Windows and Linux. The backup database size is large, but one needs to realize that this plugin backs up their entire site from the root, including all non WordPress folders.


  2. 2. WP-DB Backup

    wp-db_plug This WordPress plugin works with nearly all hosting providers, and is extremely popular for its ease of use. No complicated setup routines means that even a novice can install it. Unlike some other plugins, which back up the entire website, this particular add-on makes a backup of just the WordPress database. WP-DP backup automatically creates a backup folder during installation. The backed up data can be restored with just a few clicks of the mouse button.


  3. 3. BackWPup

    backwpup_plugThe fact that over 65,000 users rely on this WordPress backup plugin, speaks volumes about its ease of use as well as its security. The end user can literally play with this plugin to perform most of their backup tasks. In addition, it is also possible to create a file along with other installed plugins. This backup can be saved on your computer via FTP or transferred directly on to any cloud based server like Dropbox. This is a life saving feature and comes in handy if the server’s HDD becomes corrupted, and requires formatting.


  4. 4. BackupBuddy

    backupbuddy_plug This astonishing WordPress backup plugin, consistently rated high by users, backs up the total WordPress installation including its SQL database, files, plugins, themes, and widgets. Easy to configure, the user can schedule backups as per their requirement. This plugin also allows users to store their WordPress backups to cloud based hosts like Amazon S3, and Dropbox automatically. If the user so wants, he can also transfer the backups to his desktop via email or FTP. It is also possible to archive the file during the backup process.


  5. 5. WB-DBManager

    DBManag_plug This comprehensive WordPress backup plugin, apart from performing WordPress database backups, also allows the user to optimize their database, repair the same, or even run specific queries. This plugin uses mysqldump to create the backup and mysql to restore it. Like all leading plugins, this plugin supports scheduled backups as well.