Catalogs are an amazing marketing tool that helps you reach out to your customers. It lets you inform them about your products and services in a systematic manner. It helps you build your brands.

This approach can be tailored depending on the products you offer or the audiences you wish to target. It is also useful as you can regularly update the catalog and the production cost is nominal thus saving.

Keeping this in mind, we created the CATALOG PLUGIN TO WOOCOMMERCE .

With this plugin, you can convert your store into catalog mode. This lets you tell the customers directly on your site about the products. With the various customizing tools available, this catalog will attract customers and build sales.

You can download the free version from the link below.


Some features of the free version are:

  • Option to hide Add to cart button from shop page and product page.
  • Option to hide Price tag from shop page and product page.
  • Option to hide Ratings from shop page and product page.
  • Option to hide Reviews from shop page and product page.
  • Option to add the customized button by giving a link to it.
  • Option to stylize customized button.
  • Option to open the link in new window.


The features of the free version are amazing. However, the premium version has its own perks.


Some features of the premium version are:

  • Option to add the Enquiry Form on the product page by using the short-code.
  • Option to set the inquiry form position also.
  • Option to show or hide the product permalink (Permalink only applicable with contact form 7)
  • Category based catalog mode.
  • Product based catalog mode.
  • User Role based catalog mode.
  • Open Popup when clicking on the custom button.
  • Option to add any shortcode in pop up.
  • Supports contact form 7 shortcode.



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