How to Add Product Custom Options in Woocommerce



When a customer is spending his time on a product page, still deciding to buy a particular product, chances are, that he’s also thinking about the related products he’d want or need to buy, along with that main product. For instance, if a customer is ordering a laptop online, he may also like to order custom products like Laptop Bag, Headphones, USB Mouse etc and therefore, would appreciate having an option to do so, available on the same product page where he saw the laptop.

If custom product options are available on a product page, then your customers tend to buy those extra products as well, when buying the main product. This happens because,

  • Product Custom Options let your customers collectively choose the custom products they would like to buy
  • It saves the customer’s time and effort in separately searching for and ordering the custom products
  • It lets them pay for all the products (main product and the extra products) together- in one go

Also, when buying products online, your customers may not always be able to think of the custom products that they could buy or would need to buy. Thus, providing Custom Options on product page, would also serve you the purpose of reminding or suggesting the custom products, that your customers could buy.

Phoeniixx’s Custom Product Options Woocommerce Plugin lets you give your customers the option to buy custom products, that are placed on main product’s page itself. This plugin works for both- simple products (single variety) and variable products (having multiple varieties).

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Premium Features of Phoeniixx’s Product Custom Options Woocommerce Plugin

Following are the features of our Product Custom Options Plugin:

#1 Pricing Options
Our Product Custom Options Plugin provides you with two kinds of pricing options you could choose to have for your products.

a) Fixed Price with this option, a custom product’s fixed price is simply added to the base product’s price for calculating the final price.

b) Percentage of Base Price with this option, custom product’s price is calculated as a percentage of base product’s price and then added to base product’s price to form the total price.

product custom options plugin-1


#2 Option to Create 6 Custom Input Fields

The plugin provides you with the option to have 6 types Input Fields : Text Box, Text Area, Check Box, Radio Buttons, Image Upload and Dropdown.

Product Custom Options Plugin Snap 2


   a) Text Box
This option allows your customers to input their requirements related to custom products. You have the option to limit  the number of input characters in the Text Box Field.

  b) Text Area
This option allows your customers to write and explain their requirements related to custom products, in a given text   area. You could limit the number of input characters in the Text Area Field.

Product Custom Options Plugin Image 3

  c) Check Box
Using Checkbox option, you could let your customers select multiple choices of custom products.

 d) Radio Button
Using this option, you could restrict your customers to choose one of the given choices.

 e) Image Upload

Sometimes, your customers have very specific inputs which they’d like to explain using an image. Image upload option lets them do that.

f) Dropdown Option
Dropdown Option lets you present your fields in a dropdown list.

#3 Option to Have Conditional or Compulsory Input Field
Based on your requirement, you could make Custom Input Field Conditional or Compulsory for your customers.

#4 Styling Options
Various styling options such as Description Styling, Label Styling & Heading Styling are available to choose from.

#5 Choice to Write Description For Every Option

Product Custom Options Plugin Image 5

By installing Product Custom Option Plugin into your site, you could provide your customers with extra products options which they are likely to purchase readily. Go ahead and install Product Custom Plugin Option into your site, if you have not done it yet!

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