How To Add Badge to Products on Your Woocommerce Site


Your online shoppers are likely to feel lost on your site, when browsing through the large variety of options available for their desirable item. That being said, shoppers are always looking out for something ‘New’ or ‘Recent’ or ‘On Sale’ or ‘Trending’, as well.

Based on this tendency and on your other requirements like Stock-Clearing or Brand-Promotion, you may want to put up temporary offers on particular products. And of Read More

Zoom Magnifier Plugin: Here’s Why You Need it For Your Site



Before buying a product, online shoppers often find it essential to take a closer look of the product, so as to see its specific features like- texture & design.

Having a closer look at these details of a product not only gives mental satisfaction to the customers, but also enhances their product browsing experience, thereby increasing their chances of purchase.

By incorporating Phoeniixx’s Zoom Magnifier Plugin into your website, Read More

7 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Should Have an Explainer Video

explainer videos on landing page

When was the last time, you were online and had only a single tab/window opened in your browser?

Not very recently, right?

Like you, your website visitors tend to switch between multiple tabs when working/surfing online. Their attention span is as short as 8 seconds and they have little or no interest in reading & processing elongated text on your content-rich website. In fact when visiting for first time, your Read More

9 Best Resources To Make Online Logo Design For Free

resources for online logo design free

If you’ve just started up or are planning to start up, the first two things you’d need your business venture to have is a brand name and a logo. And, if you happen to choose a tentative name for your business, then you probably won’t want to spend money on logo designing and would rather explore free logo design options.

If for this reason or another, you are looking to Read More

5 Productive Uses of Animated Whiteboard Videos

uses of animated whiteboard videos

Animated whiteboard videos are very effective in putting across a complex/abstract idea in a simplified manner. This dynamic video communication format, in a way, provides the viewers with (animated) ‘visualization’ of a concept, and makes it easier for them to comprehend and retain the idea. The beauty of this communication format is that it induces anticipation in viewer, since the visual content of the video is ‘scribed Read More

Everything You’d Expect: 11 Benefits of Explainer Videos

benefits of explainer videos

We are approaching 2016.

If you are still looking for reasons to have an explainer video, then here is a list of benefits that you could expect from having a high quality explainer video for your business.

#1 Explainer Video is the perfect tool for audio-visually demonstrating or explaining your offering (Product/Service/Software/Mobile App)
No matter how revolutionary your offering is, if your prospects don’t get it, they won’t buy. Through Read More

How to Choose an Explainer Video Production Company For Your Startup

best explainer video production company

Deciding to get an explainer video is much easier than choosing an explainer video production company that could beautifully metamorphose your message/concept into a memorable and engaging explainer video.

So that you could wisely choose a video production company for your business, here is a list of parameters that would help you in evaluating explainer video production companies.

Parameter #1 Quality of Work

Although to some people, all explainer videos Read More

6 Affordable Explainer Video Styles And How To Pick One For Your Business

types of explainer videos

With so many explainer video formats available, one is sure to get confused when trying to identify the most suitable format for communicating about a particular business entity.

Here is a list of affordable animated explainer video formats and the communication purposes each is fit to solve best, by the virtue of its unique style.

Video Style #1 Character Animated Explainer Video
Character animated explainer videos are the ones that Read More

How to Add Product Custom Options in Woocommerce



When a customer is spending his time on a product page, still deciding to buy a particular product, chances are, that he’s also thinking about the related products he’d want or need to buy, along with that main product. For instance, if a customer is ordering a laptop online, he may also like to order custom products like Laptop Bag, Headphones, USB Mouse etc and therefore, would appreciate having Read More

Storytelling: Why it’s Essential For Your Explainer Video

storytelling through animated explainer videos

A Prevailing Misconception About Video Communication
There is this misconception that has been prevailing, that your marketing message/idea would automatically sell just because it has been presented in a video format. There is no denying that video is a powerful medium of communication. But, unfortunately, it isn’t new anymore. People across the world have been watching and sharing videos for quite sometime now.

Therefore, if you really want your video Read More