How to Choose an Explainer Video Production Company For Your Startup

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Deciding to get an explainer video is much easier than choosing an explainer video production company that could beautifully metamorphose your message/concept into a memorable and engaging explainer video.

So that you could wisely choose a video production company for your business, here is a list of parameters that would help you in evaluating explainer video production companies.

Parameter #1 Quality of Work

Although to some people, all explainer videos appear similar, if you pay close attention you’d easily be able to differentiate high quality explainer videos from low quality ones. A useful way of evaluating an explainer video company’s work is by picking two or three different types of explainer videos from their portfolio and evaluating each of them, element by element.

How to Evaluate an Explainer Video, Element by Element
An animated explainer video essentially has two elements: Voiceover (audio) and Animation (visual). For evaluating the overall quality of an explainer video, you could first evaluate each of these elements separately and then evaluate them together to see how well both of them communicate, together.

Element No.1: Voiceover (Script)

explainer videos voice over

Voiceover forms the backbone of an explainer video. Thus, it is important for explainer videos to have a well written and perfectly narrated background voiceover that draws the viewers to completely listen to what’s being told through the video. One way of evaluating explainer video voiceover is by closing your eyes and listening to it with total attention. While doing so, the explainer video voiceover could be evaluated for two aspects- its narration quality and content quality.

Voiceover Narration Quality
A viewer could still bear with low visual quality of a video, but having to listen to a noisy, unclear voiceover is something that annoys everyone. Thus, an animated explainer video should have a high quality background voiceover.

A quality voiceover has no background noise and has clear pronunciations. It communicates the right expressions and is non-monotonous.

Voiceover Content Quality (Script)
A well written explainer video script is more than just words. It is written in a way that the transition between two ideas is smooth. Instead of having plain sentences, a high quality script uses interesting tools like humor, techniques like storytelling, play on words and/or rhetorical devices like metaphor, exaggeration etc., to put across a message in an involving manner. In fact, when explaining an abstract concept, a high quality script uses fitting analogy(s) to put across a hard-to-visualize idea in an easy-to-comprehend manner.

When evaluating a voiceover for its content quality, you could ask yourself the following questions:
a.) Does the script use any techniques to put across a message in an interesting manner?
b.) Is the script involving?
c.) Is there a smooth transition between two ideas?

By answering these questions, you should be able to evaluate whether or not a script has been written well.

Element No. 2: Animation (Visual)

character animation in explainer video

Just like the voiceover, the visual could be closely evaluated by muting the voiceover and watching the visual with total attention. A quality explainer video would have graphics, illustrated and animated with great finesse.

A high quality character animated explainer video, would have unambiguous and unique characterization(s), closely representing the idea/customer/entity or whatever it is supposed to represent. The character(s) would use supportive expressions and the animation would be smooth. When evaluating a character animated explainer video for its visual quality, you could ask yourself the following questions:

a.) Does the characterization closely represent the entity/idea it is supposed to represent?
b.) Does the character wear supportive expressions?
c.) Has the character been animated well?

If, in case, it is a motion graphic animated explainer video that you are evaluating, you would find that it’d clearly be a visually dominated video. A high quality motion graphic video would have dynamic and highly engaging motion graphic elements, which would swiftly appear one after another. When evaluating this kind of video, you could ask yourself the following questions:

a.) Does the motion graphic have an appropriate speed for you to be able to completely read the text or comprehend each frame?
b.) Is the video visually engaging enough to hold you to watch it till the end?

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Once you’ve individually evaluated both of the explainer video elements (i.e. voiceover and visual), you could then evaluate how well these two elements collectively bring out the message/explanation through the video. You could watch the video again and see how finely the video has been constructed frame by frame.

This is how you could evaluate the quality of explainer videos, a company delivers.

Parameter #2 Experience

It takes a strategic approach to develop a script and then the video. It is neither a one-man job, nor a one-day job to create a good quality explainer video. In fact, it often takes quite a few brainstorming sessions just to come up with a concept for it.

Therefore, experience matters.

If you expect your video to have an uncompromised quality, you got to make sure that your explainer video production company has enough experience to metamorphose your idea into an engaging video.

One obvious way of inferring whether an explainer video production company has enough experience or not, is by finding out the number of years it’s been actively producing videos for. Of course, their experience would also be reflected through the quality of the videos that they have produced so far.

Another, not-so-obvious way of judging whether a company has enough experience to make a unique explainer video for you, is by finding whether or not,
a.) it has a diverse portfolio (across various sectors)
b.) it has produced different styles of explainer videos for its clients.

An experienced firm is likely to have produced multiple styles of videos (character animated, infographic, motion graphics, whiteboard etc) for its clients.

Thus, portfolio diversity (in terms of video styles and across differents sectors) could serve as a parameter to indicate a production company’s rich experience ( in producing animated videos), or lack of it.

Parameter #3 Budget

Producing an explainer video is not a one man’s job. It takes a team of experts who individually specialize in doing their own parts. Typically, an explainer video production team comprises of a 1.) Scriptwriter, 2.) Storyboard Artist (who sketches the video story frame by frame), 3.) Illustrator  (who is responsible for coloring, shading and beautifying each sketch) 4.) Animator ( who adds motion to the illustrated images ) 5.) Voiceover Artist (whose recorded voiceover serves as a background narration) 6.) Sound Effects Artist (who adds sound effects to enhance the video quality).

Since all the artists uniquely contribute in the video production process and it takes their collective effort to make an animated video, it is totally justified if an explainer video production company asks for a sum of $1500 or more, for producing a high quality 60-90 Seconds explainer video for you. Hence, if you are satisfied with the quality of explainer videos, a production team delivers and are convinced about their level of experience, then you should not hesitate in shelling out $1500 (or more) for your 60-90 Seconds explainer video.

In a Nutshell,
Choosing an explainer video production company for your business could be tough. Therefore, when trying to identify the most suitable explainer video production company for your business, you should choose the one that a.) has produced high quality videos before, b.) seems to have enough experience in this field c.) charges you somewhere around $1500 for a 60-90 Seconds explainer video.

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