7 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Should Have an Explainer Video

explainer videos on landing page

When was the last time, you were online and had only a single tab/window opened in your browser?

Not very recently, right?

Like you, your website visitors tend to switch between multiple tabs when working/surfing online. Their attention span is as short as 8 seconds and they have little or no interest in reading & processing elongated text on your content-rich website. In fact when visiting for first time, your visitors prefer scanning through your site than reading it page by page. And if they don’t understand your business through this quick scanning process, they usually cross your website link and switch to another tab for doing a ‘more important’ task at hand!

This means, that even if your site has frequent visitors, they may not be spending enough time on to your site, to completely understand your offering and may just be simply turning away.

So, what should you do to prevent your visitors from turning away from your website like this? Simple. Make them do something on your website so that they stay longer than just a few seconds- give them an animated explainer video to watch.

Read on to find out how having an explainer video on your landing page benefits your business.

#1 Landing Page Explainer Video Gives Your Visitors What They Want: A Brief About Your Business
Your website visitors want to spend as minimum time as possible, in reading and learning about your offering. They are looking for brief information. A landing page explainer video, describing your offering in a fun and engaging way, could greatly help your visitors in developing basic understanding about your offering that too, in just about 60 Seconds of time!

#2 An Explainer Video on Landing Page Holds Your Visitor’s Attention For At Least 60-Seconds
If you want to hold your viewer’s attention for longer than 8 Seconds then there could not be a better way for doing this, than by placing a 60-second explainer video on landing page. Visitors are tempted to watch such animated videos since they are interesting to watch and save them from figuring things out on own.

An interesting video often encourages the viewers to explore your site more. According to comScore, visitors who watch a video on a site, remain an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t watch video, on that site.

Thus, having an explainer video on the landing page could greatly affect your visitor’s stay on time.

#3 Explainer Video Saves The Visitor From Feeling Lost on Your Site!
When there is too much information available on a website, the visitors find it very overwhelming to read everything and end up feeling frustrated and lost. Having an explainer video right in the centre of your home/landing page gives your visitor that ‘aha!’ feeling and enhances his experience while exploring your website.

#4 Creates Memory of Your Brand
A message is more likely to be remembered if it is told through a video than through text. Thus, having an explainer video on landing page, helps you create a better understanding and memory of your brand, in the mind of your customers.

#5 Serves as ‘Pitch Presentation’ to Prospects
Depending on how it’s been scripted, an explainer video could serve like a ‘pitch presentation’ to your prospects, compelling them to take an action after watching your video, rather than escaping away within seconds of their website visit.

#6 Landing Page Explainer Video Could Also be Shared Across Online Platforms
Unlike static content on your website, (Explainer) Video content could be shared across different social media platforms, even by your website visitors, if they choose to do so. Thus, if shared frequently by your website visitors, a landing page explainer video could also possibly increase your audience reach.

#7 Explainer Video on Landing Page Gives a Nice First Impression
Having a landing page explainer video creates a nice first impression on the visitors since the video makes it convenient, easy and quick for the visitors to understand who you are and what you do. This also increases their chances of turning into customers.

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In a nutshell,
Having a landing page explainer video helps you hold your visitors onto your website for longer than merely a few seconds and increases their chances of turning into your customers. Engage your visitors  with  an explainer video on your landing page .

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