Zoom Magnifier Plugin: Here’s Why You Need it For Your Site



Before buying a product, online shoppers often find it essential to take a closer look of the product, so as to see its specific features like- texture & design.

Having a closer look at these details of a product not only gives mental satisfaction to the customers, but also enhances their product browsing experience, thereby increasing their chances of purchase.

By incorporating Phoeniixx’s Zoom Magnifier Plugin into your website, you could allow your customers to Zoom at product image and closely go through all the visible details of the product, before they go ahead and buy it.

Often times, customers intuitively hover the cursor over product image, expecting it to magnify enough for them to see each aspect clearly. Through Zoom Magnifier Plugin, you could fulfil this latent need of your customers.

Once you have uploaded the plugin, activate your plugin in Plugins Installed plugins. → If it has been activated correctly, plugin control panel is available in the tab Reward Points in WordPress dashboard.

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Few settings that you get for free are mentioned below :

Frontend View before applying Zoom Magnifier

After applying Zoom Magnifier

Premium Features of Zoom Magnifier Plugin

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#1. Set Zoom Box Position as Inside or Right

Zoom Magnifier Plugin gives you two options for setting the Zoom Box Position. You could set the Zoom Box Position either as ‘Right’ or as ‘Inside’.

Position: Right

When you set the position as ‘Right’, a separate zoomed image appears to the right of the original product image. Wherever the customer moves the cursor on the original image, that part is shown in the Zoom Box.

Position: Inside

When you set the position of Zoom Box as ‘Inside’, the product image zooms itself on the movement of cursor. In other words, no separate zoom box is created to display the zoomed image.



#2. Option to Deselect ‘Zoom Magnifier’ for Individual Products

You may want to remove zoom feature from some individual products. Hence, the plugin allows you to deselect Zoom feature for individual products. All you have to do is add the required product to Exclusion List & you are done with removing zoom feature from that product.




#3. Option to Deselect ‘Zoom Magnifier’ for Particular Product Categories

You may not want to apply zoom feature to all your product categories. Therefore, our Zoom Magnifier Plugin lets you exclude the categories on which you don’t want to apply this feature. You could simply go to the backend & select the categories that you want to exclude for this particular feature.



#4. Option to Activate ‘Zoom Magnifier’ on Smartphone

The Plugin also lets you activate the Zoom Feature on Mobile Device. Hence, even if your customers are browsing through your website via smartphone, they’d still be able to zoom and see the details of their desirable products.


#5. Set The Width & Height of Zoom Box as Per Requirement

Although the plugin provides you with default dimensions (Box Width & Height) for the Zoom Box, you could override these dimensions with the ones that you’d require. Hence setting custom dimensions for zoom box is easy & doable.




By installing Zoom Magnifier Plugin into your site, you could allow your users to take a closer look at the products they may want to buy, thereby helping them decide better and faster.

Enhance the online shopping experience of your customers by incorporating ‘zoom’ feature to your site.

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