For a long time, Emails were considered as a valuable communication tool for companies and customers to discuss their queries. The customers would send them via email and the agents would try to solve them.

This, however, had its demerits too. The agents replied to the queries as they came so sometimes a tiny issue got assistance and an urgent issue was left unsolved. Also, it was very confusing as the agents had to keep looking for the emails and also keep their co-workers informed about the progress. It was not easy to keep track about who worked on which issue and how much work needs to be done.

Support ticket system plugin is the new and smarter way to do this more efficiently. With the SUPPORT TICKET SYSTEM PLUGIN, the customers can send in their queries as tickets. You can assign them to the agents who will work towards solving them. You can set priority filter on each ticket so that the urgent issues are solved first.

It is more organized as all the tickets are in one place and all the information related to each ticket is in the same place. You can also monitor the performances of your agents as it keeps the record of all the actions taken to solve the matter and by whom.

Companies can use this plugin to market themselves as using a ticketing software makes the business look bigger and more professional.

This plugin is WOOCOMMERCE Compatible.

Free Versions Features:

  • This plugin is WOOCOMMERCE compatible.
  • Receive an email when a ticket is assigned to you.
  • Option to set the priority of the ticket – Low, High, Normal, Urgent.
  • The unread tickets will be highlighted as green color and the read tickets will be highlighted as grey color.
  • Option to add multiple files or pictures.
  • Option to close the ticket once the issue is solved.
  • Customers can create tickets from my account area.
  • Different tickets can be created for different orders.
  • Admin can create multiple roles.
  • Option to search for tickets
  • Admin can assign different tickets to different agents.
  • Receive email notification when agents reopen or assign to agents.