How to Load All The Same-Category Products on a Single Page in Woocommerce

woocommerce infinite scroll plugin

When a customer is browsing through available options of a particular product on a site, he often avoids going to the ‘next page’, after he has gone through the product options, placed on first few pages of the seller’s site. Therefore, the products displayed at later pages, are not even browsed through, by the customers. To resolve this problem, Infinite (Ajax) Scrolling WooCommerce Plugin lets you put all of your same category products on a single infinite web page.

With this plugin, you could let your customers scroll down ‘infinitely’, for the purpose of viewing as many product options as they would like to, on a single web page. Since it is a natural tendency of an online surfer to keep scrolling a webpage down, until the end is reached, it makes this plugin a really useful one, in enhancing the customer’s product browsing experience. Also, installing this infinite scrolling plugin into a site, would improve the chances of customers browsing through, all of the choices the seller has made available for them.

woocommerce infinite scroll plugin

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 Premium Features of Phoeniixx’s Infinite (Ajax) Scrolling WooCommerce Plugin

#1 Option to Select Type of Pagination
Infinite (Ajax) Scrolling WooCommerce Plugin, gives you an option to select the type of pagination, you would like to have for your website. The options you could choose from, include ‘Infinite Scrolling’, ‘Load More Button’ and ‘Ajax Pagination’.

ajax pagination and infinite scroll plugin
#2 Loader Image Options
You could either choose to upload a Loader Image of your choice, or could select one from the available Loader Image Options.

woocommerce infinite scroll
#3 Loading Effect Options
Based on your preference, you could choose the loading effect, you would like to have. The Loading Effects options that our Infinite (Ajax) Scrolling WooCommerce Plugin gives, include

  • Zoom in
  • Bounce in
  • Fade in
  • Fade in from top to down
  • Fade in from down to top
  • Fade in from right to left
  • Fade in from left to right

woocommerce plugin infinite scroll


#4 Styling Options
Infinite (Ajax) Scrolling WooCommerce Plugin provides you with the following styling options

  • “Load More” Button Text
  • “Load More” Button Hover Color
  • “Load More” Button Text Color
  • “Load More” Button Hover Text Color

woocommerce ajax pagination plugin
Infinite (Ajax) Scrolling WooCommerce Plugin not only enhances product browsing for your customers, it also helps them easily find back, the product they had seen before, on the single infinite webpage since for doing that, all they would require to do is scroll up.
Most people are switching to smartphones as their online shopping device. Since ‘scrolling down’ is something we typically do, on our smartphones, this infinite scrolling plugin could therefore, be all the more supportive in enhancing customers’ online shopping experience.

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