The Google Mobile Update: Is it as big as Panda?

Google is known for moving with the times. The most recent update that Google has brought about for its users is its Mobile Update which became effective since 21st April 2015.


According to the latest update, website owners who want to maintain their rankings and profits need to ensure that their sites are mobile compatible.

As most users have now moved on to surfing the web via their smartphones, it was only a matter of time before Google accounted for a website’s mobile friendliness as a factor for its search rankings.

Google is the best and most used search engine because of its ability to get the most accurate answers for a user’s search queries.

However, as most users have shifted to using their smartphone devices for getting answers for their queries, mobile responsiveness has turned into important factor. A factor the needs to be considered when a user conducts a search query from his mobile.

Penalty for Users who don’t abide with this change:

Whether small businesses or big, if they don’t abide by this change the cost will be too much for their business.

Simply speaking, as Google has made mobile responsiveness a priority for search rankings, all the websites that are currently providing high-quality content but don’t have a mobile-friendly version, stand to lose their visitors. Google will not index their sites on the top results as it had been doing for so long.

Second part of the Update: Indexed Apps

This change is just what it sounds like. Google will now be indexing apps and ranking them just the way it ranks websites. Now, users can get the apps that are closest to their search queries so that they can simply download the app and have a more smartphone friendly experience.

It’s a great bonus for App developers as they will now get a new ground to advertise and showcase their apps on.

Is this change as big as Panda?

The Panda update completely changed the way website owners practiced SEO techniques for getting their sites to rank on Google. It had a huge impact on website owners who were leading users on their sites with what are now considered black hat SEO techniques.

But the Google Mobile Update is not as sweeping as Panda.  As most websites on Google have already adopted a mobile friendly enhancement, this change is won’t be too much of a bother for them.

However, for sites which are currently not mobile friendly, this change will have a huge impact on their ROI and search rankings.

If you haven’t still haven’t added mobile friendly functionality then it is high time you adopt it for the sake of your business.  You need to get a mobile-friendly version fast and you need to get it now before your business incurs losses that cannot be restored.

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