Top 10 Bug and Issue Tracking Applications used in Development

Before jumping into this list for bug and issue tracking applications, you need to first understand the difference between a bug and an issue.

A bug tracking application is used specifically for the purpose to track down bugs that have been creating errors in projects that are under development. A bug tracking application traces such errors and locates them so that you can reach the source of the error which is called a bug in lay man’s terms.

Manually finding errors in a program can feel like finding needles in a haystack. A bug tracking application basically works like a metal detector so that you don’t need to waste time digging around.

An issue tracking application is a wider application. An issue could be a bug but it could also be a missing documentation, a task or even a request. Usually issue tracking systems keep a track of issues and mark them on the level of their severity. This leads to a more efficient organizational system.

Given below is a list of some of the most sought for bug and issue tracking applications.

1. Jira Project Management Software



Jira is project management software that has an ad in feature of issue and bug tracking. It works on Windows, Mac, online and mobile platforms.

As a project management solution Jira has a steep learning curve. However once you learn the ins and outs of this software there is no going back.

Jira has received excellent reviews in terms of its bug tracking capabilities. Many firms download and install Jira simply for its excellent issue tracking capabilities.

Its issue tracking features make it possible to set up a process of software building from scratch.

Price: Given its uses, Jira is a very affordable application. Its rate increases depending on the number of users implementing it. It starts from a basic $10 per month to a $2000 per month rate.

2. Exceptional


Exceptional is an excellent bug tracking solution for web applications that has become a favorite among many growing businesses like Panacea and

It offers a 30 day free trial period to users so that they can use the application and see how it benefits them.



  • Manages errors and even groups them for your convenience
  • Full back traces help you track down the source of the error
  • You can even leave comments on errors so that coders don’t waste time locating them again.
  • Easy to use search tools allow you to access errors easily.


Price: It is set at an economical price of $9 per month.

To try out this application you can visit

3. DoneDone



DoneDone is another issue management application that ensures that all your projects run error free. It helps you to prioritize all issues by the level of importance.

It can be accessed easily by all team members and keeps them up to date about the progress of the project.


  • DoneDone allocates a unique email address to every project so that clients can send their feedbacks in one location. This makes DoneDone an excellent organizational tool.
  • You easily get access to all the real time notifications about any changes and fixes made in the project.
  • It integrates with Beanstalk, Github and Basecamp.
  • You can even share screenshots to pin point the exact areas where the clients are facing problems


Plan Name Cost per month
Basic $15
Plus $39
Premium $79
Max $149


4. Bugzilla


As the name suggests Bugzilla is an open source virtual “bug tracking “and smashing system. It is designed to keep a track of active bugs that make your website. It is designed for the benefit of developers.

Manual bug tracking is an impossible feat that can take days or even months to fix a system. This is why a bug tracking system is necessary to highlight all the errors that are making your website undergo unwanted downtime.

You can check out the complete list of Bugzilla features at

Here is a list of some special features that have made Bugzilla a much loved application:

  • It is an open source application which makes for a very cost effective solution
  • It allows you to easily track duplicate bugs by creating a summary for them in the system.
  • Provides estimations for potential bug-fixes that help you to optimize your time in a better way.
  • Its fantastic security has made Bugzilla one of the most trustworthy bug tracking applications in the business.



5. FogBugz


FogBugz is you one and only issue and bug tracking system. By installing and using FogBugz you get to organize your complete project from scratch and even keep track of any bugs that get created along the way.

Currently FogBugz is giving Bugzilla an excellent competition. You can check out the complete set of FogBugz features at


This application does just about everything. Here is a list of features that will convince you why FogBugz is absolutely essential for your project management and bug fixing needs.


  • Its schedule estimation feature helps you to generate an approximate time line for bug fixes and task completion. This is an excellent feature as it keeps you on your toes and ensures that you never exceed a deadline.
  • It gives you complete control over all your projects and gives you the space to grant permission to users to make any necessary editions.



Team size Cost per month or Per month cost for annual subscription
5 $20 $18
10 $100 $90
20 $200 $180
50 $400 $360
100 $500 $450
150 $700 $630
250 $900 $810
500 $1200 $1080



Name of Plan Number of Projects Cost per month
Mini 5 $15
Basic 15 $25
Plus Unlimited $45



6. Bugify


Bugify is a PHP/SQL based issue tracking application that was launched in the year 2011. The interesting thing about Bugify is that any paid package of Bugify allows access to an unlimited number of users making this application suitable for businesses of all sizes.

There is also an installable version of Bugify that companies which are unwilling to share their information on hosted servers go for.

It is an Android and iOS friendly application that makes it easy to manage projects when on the go.

Their demo version has no time limit, however it is only restricted to a single project. So, you can try out their application and see if it suits your needs.




  • Allows you to set priorities.
  • Comes with both hosted and downloadable versions.
  • You can even customize and set your own priorities.
  • It even marks issues on the basis of their urgency.


You can check out their complete list of features at

As far as installation and usage is concerned, users have had some issues regarding Bugify. It has a steep learning curve. It requires an on deck IT team or at least one IT professional that takes care of all the installation and management issues.


Bugify comes with a one time payment policy of $59 that gives you:

  • Full PHP Source code.
  • Unlimited number of users, projects and issues.
  • Free automatic software updates for a year.
  • Free email support for a year.


7. BugHerd


BugHerd is an excellent easy to use client and user friendly bug tracking application. It is one of the very few applications that rank high in its interaction level.

To get a feel of this application and how it functions you can visit this link



  • Automatic screenshots are a blessing in disguise they help you to pinpoint the exact problem.
  • Every plan allows for an unlimited number of projects.
  • The application allows you to easily export data to a spreadsheet or any other format.
  • It even makes space for third party integrations.


BugHerd is an excellent application as far as integrations are concerned. It is a fluid application, by fluid I mean BugHerd can easily be optimized it allows for data to be exported and shared without facing any complications.


Name of plan Users Storage(GB) Price
Standard 5 10 $29
Studio 10 20 $49
Premium 25 50 $99
Deluxe 50 150 $180


They only offer priority support in their deluxe package.

8. Mantis Bug Tracker


Mantis BT is another rock solid bug tracking application that comes right behind the likes of Bugzilla and FogBugz.

It is easy to install and is designed for companies of all sizes. It is an open source PHP application that uses MySQL.



  • Allows room for project categorization and even gives space to create sub categories.
  • You can create various levels of user access that ensures smooth work flow.
  • It has advanced search and filter in built tools that make bug tracking a cakewalk.


You can check out their add-on plug-ins at


It is free software.

9. Sifter


Sifter is a bug and issue tracking application that is fast becoming popular. Its ease of use and sophisticated interface makes it an instant crowd pleaser.

Although it is specifically made for website designers and developers, it is an application that can be understood by anyone. This makes for a great cross department interaction solution.



  • Quick upgrades
  • color coding of issues
  • smart and user friendly interface
  • all plans allow access to unlimited users


You can check out their complete list of features at


Plan Name Cost No. of Active Projects Storage(GB) Support
Small $29 10 5 Same day
Medium $49 25 10 Priority
Large $99 50 25 Priority
Massive $149 150 50 Priority



10. Boto


Boto is one of the simplest and most easy to use issue tracking applications till date. It was created in the year 2011 and is a treat for amateurs. Newbies can simply jump into the application and begin using it.

The application interface is so simple that it is self explanatory. However, this feature is also one of the biggest drawbacks of Boto. As the makers strove to provide simplicity, they made the application so simple that it is devoid of anything that makes it unique.

It is a simple issue tracking application that will help you manage your project but do nothing else to enhance it.


  • Its rudimentary features make this application excellent for the purposes of coordination.
  • The color coding make it is easy to recognize issues that are of a priority.
  • Screenshots help in highlighting the areas that need fixing.

The above applications are the best of the best in the business. Have a glimpse at their features and costs to decide which application will fit well with all your project management needs.