Top 5 SSL Certificate Providers: Your website deserves the Best

Beginning an online e-commerce venture without SSL certification is the biggest mistake that any online entrepreneur can make. SSL certificates are a mark of the level of security that a website promises.

No matter how well functioned a website may be, but without an SSL certificate, it will sorely lack for customers. This is why it is important to get the very best security for your website.

Most high end SSL certificates also provide warranty. When they take the responsibility of keeping a website secure, they also take the blame in case of unfortunate hacker related frauds. They will reimburse your website for the losses that you suffered from.

As such, working without an SSL certificate can be detrimental for your online business. Here is a list of the top 5 SSL certificate providers whom you can trust with no second thought.

  1. Symantec


Symantec is the best SSL certificate provider in the business and there is no questioning it. They have acquired VeriSign’s SSL certificate division and Thawte and even Geotrust.

It is a fast growing company that shows no signs of stopping. All of Symantec’s certificates come empowered with Norton Secured Seal. This has made Symantec’s certificates a favorite among all its customers.

Their certificates may be slightly pricey, but Symantec does not joke in terms of its security. Once you have a Symantec certified website, customers will flock into your website with no worry whatsoever.

Symantec with its Norton seal of approval has become a well recognized brand. As such, having a Symantec certified website will go a long way in assuring customers and keeping hackers wary of your website.

Symantec conducts a daily review to keep the website safe from getting blacklisted.

It is definitely worth the investment. To check out the complete certificate list of Symantec, you can visit this link

Their affordable package includes the following specifications:

Name of Certificate Secure Site certificate
Encryption strength 40 bit to 256 bit
Full organization authentication Yes
Extended Warranty $ 1,500,000
Symantec Seal-In Search Yes
Daily Website Malware Scanning Yes
24/7 Customer Support Yes
DSA Algorithm Support Yes
Symantec Trust Center Account Yes
Installation Checker Yes
Free Revocation and Replacement Yes
Universal Browser Compatibility Yes
Support for SAN Yes
Support for IDN Yes
Support for IDN Yes
Licensing for Multiple Servers Yes
Cost for 1 year validity $399


  1. Entrust


When it comes to SSL verification, Entrust is one of the most trustworthy brands that come to mind. Their certificates are placed on the steep end of the pricing curve, but when they promise premium security for your website, they literally deliver it.

To check out the complete details of all their certificates you can visit the link

Entrust certainly is a well recognized name in the internet security business, but their current price tags are slowly pulling it down from its position of authority. If you are under a strict budget, then it may be best for you to look elsewhere of website security.

Their most economical certificate has the following features:

Name of Certificate Private SSL Certificate
SSL Encryption 128 -256 bit
Algorithm Support SHA1/SHA2
Multiyear Discount Up to 30%
Unlimited Reissues Yes
Unlimited Server License Yes
Automatic Notification Yes
Quick Issuance Yes
Availability Online via Management Portal
Free Customer Support Yes
Platinum Support Available Yes
Site Seal No
Domain 1
Additional Domain With an added value of $43 each
Secure Unlimited Sub domains No
Individualized Validation Process Organizational Validation
Warranty Yes
Price $116 per year


  1. Digicert


When compared to Symantec, Digicert is a very affordable, as well as a high quality SSL certificate providing service. They have had the privilege to have some well known hot shot clients like Samsung, Facebook, and Wikipedia etc. This has made them a worthy authority in terms of their SSL certificates.

Every one of their plans comes inclusive of $1, 000, 000 warranties, which is a mark of their confidence in terms of their secure services.

Digicert openly beats its competitors when it comes to the services that it provides within its packages.

Digicert is one of the only companies that deal almost exclusively in SSL certificates. As such, they do everything in their power to constantly improve the security that their certificates provide. For users who don’t have the dough to buy a Symantec SSL, Digicert is definitely the answer.

They even come equipped with a thirty day refund period which assures new clients that they will get a highly secure SSL Digicert certificate.

You can check out and compare their certificate packages at

Their most affordable SSL certificate has the following specifications.

Name SSL Plus Certificate
Displays the Green Address Bar No
Secure Multiple Domains No
Secure unlimited sub domains No
With and Without www Domain Name Yes
Supports 2048,128 and 256 bit encryption Yes
SSL v3/ TLV Compatible Yes
Free Security Site Seal Yes
Free unlimited server license Yes
Free unlimited reissues for the lifetime of the certificate Yes
Free Unlimited Duplicate Certificates No
30 day risk free refund Yes
Strong Authentication of Domain Ownership and Identity Yes
Warranty $ 1,000,000
Price $139 per year


  1. Geotrust


Geotrust is another well trusted authority when it comes to its SSL certificates. They offer all their certificates at highly competitive prices making it the go to website for SSL certificates among small to medium companies.

Currently, Geotrust is under the ownership of Symantec, which is another factor that that adds to its credibility.

You can check all the current plans of Geotrust at

Geotrust may be a small company but when it comes to providing top of the line SSL certificates, it leaves no stone unturned.

Their customer service department is a top notch. Armed with live chat support, customers can seek their help 24/7.

Their Quick SSL certificate gets issued within minutes and has slowly become a crowd pleaser. Currently Geotrust has provided its certificates to over a 100,000 clients.

Their most economical package has the following specifications:

Name Quick SSL® Premium
Used For Basic Inexpensive Encryption
Up to 256 bit encryption Yes
Extended Validation No
Issuance Time Minutes
Authentication Validation Domain
Warranty $500,000
Validity Options 1-4 years
Dynamic Date/Time Seal Yes
2048 bit root Yes
Free SSL Expert Support Yes
Multi Domain Support No
99+% Browser Compatibility Yes
Compatibility/ Ubiquity Over 99%  of browsers
Server Licenses per Certificate Unlimited
Free reissues Yes
Mobile  Device Compatibility Yes
Price $149


  1. GoDaddy


When it comes to domain registration and hosting services, GoDaddy has made a name for itself in the online industry. Its advertisement campaign has been one of the most expensive campaigns when compared with other hosting solutions.

Currently GoDaddy has stepped in the waters of SSL certificate security. With such a famous name on its shoulder, GoDaddy can be a great place to get an SSL certificate.

It is currently famous for its competitive packages that are extremely affordable for small to medium businesses. As it is relatively new in the field, GoDaddy would not be the right choice for big companies. Its certificates are ideally designed for small to medium companies.

To check out the latest SSL certificate packages that GoDaddy provides, you can check out

Their most affordable certificate comes armed with the following specifications:

Name Protect One Site
Plan type Standard
Warranty $100,000
Validates Domain Ownership Yes
1 year plan $99.99 per year
2 year plan $89.99 per year
3 year plan $89.99 per year


This list has a variety of SSL certificate providers ranging from expensive to affordable. All the certificate providers in this list are reliable.

With this complete set of specifications these certificates and the services that they provide, you can easily pick the certificate that fulfills all the conditions of your website.