Top Ten CRMs: Pick the Right CRMs for Superior Customer Relations

A good CRM allows you to improve customer relations and build a targeted approach towards customer satisfaction and lead conversion. If you want your business to grow then you to come up with a collective strategy that can help you optimize customer outreach and create better conversion results.

Here is a list of top ten CRMs that will change the way you manage your customers for the better.

1. Salesforce













Any amateur looking for CRMs for their business will stumble upon this software. Salesforce was the very first commercial CRM to hit the market. It currently has the biggest market share in the industry and is led by innovators who are always on the lookout for better ways to comprehensively deal with customers.

However, just because it is the most popular solution in the business does not mean that it is made for you. Salesforce is a premium end solution for big sharks that have had years of experiences and the cash to support a CRM of this magnitude. It is not for the budget conscious.

Professionals who have had some experience operating CRMs have found that Salesforce is an option that is more suited for businesses that work on a B2B model.

Salesforce CRM Details   
Customer Service   4/5
Ease of Use    4.5/5
Most Suited for    Big businesses
Trial period    30 days
Starting package    $5 per month/ per user
Enterprise package    $300 per month/ per user
Striking feature    Complete walkthrough for guidance
Disappointing feature      Mobile application is filled with bugs and makes for a terrible user experience which is shocking for a company of this scale.


Salesforce is a cloud solution; it is there for you to access on the cloud.

2. Zoho CRM









Compared to the grand scale of Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM is the ideal solution for small end businesses. It is affordable and completes the requirements of small end businesses.

Salesforce may be the ideal solution in the long run, but for startups it is too costly to fit in their scaling plans. As such Zoho CRM is the perfect entry level solution.

The Zoho CRM can be considered as the perfect solution for B2C model businesses as it has a superb inventory management system; a system that allows you to organize, products, prices, quotes, leads, invoices, and every aspect of the complete sales cycle.

With such a well-placed system, the sales force will be well equipped to for a glitch-free customer experience.

However, not everything is perfect, currently, they lack in their customer service department.

Zoho is a very powerful CRM solution considering its affordable price range. You will be hard pressed to get your hands on a more economical solution for your customer relations needs.

When it comes to syncing the application on different devices Zoho is as smooth as smooth gets.

Zoho CRM Details   
Customer Service      3/5
Ease of Use    5/5
Most Suited for     Small to medium businesses
Free Package    Yes
Enterprise package      $35 /user/month
Disappointing  feature    Their customer service could use a little pick me up.
Striking Features 
  1. Excellent mobile application
  2. Customize workflow
  3. Complete active view of sales funnel


3. SugarCRM

sugar crm









SugarCRM is another option that enterprise level customer would be enthusiastic about.  It is not an option that customers seeking CRMS that offer basic functionalities should seek. It would be a complete waste.

The fact that it is an open source application had made it a favorite among many users as they can customize it and fit it for their business.

Their 7-day trial period allows users a demo walkthrough through 7 preset types of users. An interesting approach to guiding new users that is not there in any other CRMs.

Another factor that users might like to consider when picking SugarCRM for their CRM is that is comes with a seamless integration with Google and all Google applications.

Their seven-day free trial does not function as an account. It is there to have users walk through the application and get comfortable with using it.

Their customer support is not as good as they would like you to believe. When seeking their help in solving issues it would be better if you are on your own.

Sugar CRM details   
Customer Service    2/5
Ease of Use    4/5
Most Suited For    Enterprise level businesses
Entry level Package    $35/user/month
Ultimate Package    $150/user/month
Disappointing Feature
  1. Horrible mobile integration
  2. Employees need to be trained to use it
Striking Feature    Fully built in Social CRM


4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

microsoft dynamics






With just six years in the business, Microsoft has made huge footprint in the CRM industry. Currently, they are considered one of the top contenders among the top ten CRMs list.

However, while its initial pace into becoming popular was pretty fact, Microsoft has somewhat slowed down in terms of innovation.

For companies that rely completely on their CRM in terms of running their business, Microsoft Dynamic CRM offers 99.9% server uptime guarantee.

The application is ideal for users who are comfortable with using Microsoft and handle all aspects of their business with it.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Details
Customer Service    4/5
Ease of Use   4/5
Most Suited for      Medium level business that prefer working on Microsoft
Free trial    30 days
Entry level package   $15/user/month
Enterprise Level package    $65/user/month
Disappointing feature
  1. Like all Microsoft based applications, it only works within Microsoft and its products.
  2. Very few additional apps to integrate limiting the ability of the software to get customized.
Striking Feature    Awesome uptime guarantee


5. NetSuite







In terms of holistic solutions NetSuite is one of the best there is. It is a complete ERP, accounting and CRM solution that very few other CRM solution providers can boast about.

With this complete suite of functionalities, it is one of the best solutions for e-commerce websites.

However, as NetSuite CRM comes with the combined functionality of ERP and accounting, its CRM is not as extensive as many businesses might require it to be. As such, it is the ideal solutions for businesses that are looking for an all in one business solution for their company, but not for those who want an expansive feature rich CRM.

It is an awesome solution for small businesses as it is currently not as feature rich to support the demands of enterprise level businesses.

Considering the fact that it is made for small businesses it is a pretty expensive solution. NetSuite officials might want to think over their packages again.

NetSuite CRM details
Customer Service    4/5
Free Trial    Yes
Entry Level Package    $129/user/month
Striking Feature    Perfect solution for e-commerce companies
Ease of Use    4/5
Disappointing Feature    No Social CRM integration


6. Capsule CRM










Capsule CRM is a great option for small to mid level businesses.  If you are interested in a new age and hip CRM for your business then, you have hit the right spot. Capsule CRM gives a flashy and iPadesque turn to your complete CRM experience.

Their user interface is very simple, and you will feel at home with this solution from the moment that you start using it. It is intuitive, simple and can easily be streamlined with your daily professional routine in a matter of days.

They have a very active and enthusiastic customer support that will not leave you hanging for a long time.

In terms of third party integration, Capsule is the holy grail of all CRMs. You can customize it to your needs with seamless integrations.

It may be new on the market, but its user-centric approach is bound to give your business the 5-star-level treatment that it deserves.

Capsule CRM details   
Customer Service    5/5
Ease of Use    5/5
Most Suited For    Small to medium businesses
Free Trial    30-day trial, but with credit card details
Entry Level Package    $12/user/month
Enterprise Level Package    One size fits all policy
Striking Feature     
  1. Pay as you go feature that no other CRM provides.
  2. User centric development model
Disappointing Feature    Is a bit rough around the edges needs to be tempered


7. Insightly








Insightly is another CRM solution that is specifically designed for small businesses. It is a power-packed solution that small businesses with an employee size of 2 to 200 employees can use to streamline their customer relations process. All plans of Insightly are extremely affordable. It even has added features for the purposes of project management.

In terms of usage, Insightly is as easy as easy can be. It has an intuitive structure, and it integrates well with MailChimp, Google Apps, Office 365 and all social networking platforms.

You can even create milestones and pipelines and tasks for projects.

Through Insightly, you can keep complete track of all your client or customers email conversations. It completely streamlines your entire workflow making management as easy as it can get.

Insightly CRM details   
Customer Service    4/5
Ease of Use    5/5
Most Suited for   Small Businesses
Free Trial   Free plan for up to three users
Entry Level Package    $7
Enterprise Level    Upon Request
Striking Feature    Extremely intuitive and easy to use
Disappointing Feature    Not a scalable solution


8. Base CRM








Base CRM is an awesome option for medium to highly scalable businesses. However, it is not an option for everyone.  It is much known for its powerful sales analytical tools, tools that are there provide real-time and presentation worthy reports of your sales structure.

It is a very flashy CRM considering its fairly competitive pricing. On the outside Base, CRM seems like a must have CRM solution for companies, but this does not mean that it is the best.

There are some flaws that keep Base CRM from its moments of shining glory.  It allows you track and record every customer conversation so that you get a complete history of their behavior whenever.

However, these awesome features also come with a promise of slower speed and battery hogging application.

Another disappointing feature of this application is the fact that it is a power hogger. Its mobile application is currently fraught with issues, the biggest one being that this application does not provide smooth integration with other solutions.

Base CRM details   
Customer Service   5/5
Ease of Use    3/5
Free Trial    14 days
Entry level Package    $15 per user/month, 2GB/user
Enterprise Package    $125 per user/month, 10 GB/user
Most Suited For    Medium to Large Businesses
Best Feature    Real Time Analytical tools
Disappointing Feature    Battery drainer, a little confusing


9. Pipedrive CRM








Established in the year 2010, Pipedrive is a fairly recent CRM. When it comes to customization, Pipedrive proves to be a worthy candidate. It molds well with businesses. And its drag and drop options make it easy for users to pick out functions that and use them in ways that they find most convenient.

It even gives users the options to shut off functions that are of no use to them making Pipedrive a very lightweight and no nonsense CRM.

Just like its name Pipedrive is an excellent option for those who are comfortable with pipeline based strategy.

Pipedrive CRM details   
Customer Service    3/5
Ease of Use    5/5
Free Trial    30-day free trial
Entry Level Package    $12 per user per month
Enterprise Package    One standard package for all
Most Suited For    Mid-level businesses
Best Feature    Pipeline oriented features
Disappointing Feature    Has problems with syncing with Google and other applications


10. Contactually








Contactually is a relatively new entry in the CRM field. Its approach towards customer relations is visionary. They have created a systematic and intuitive product that makes customer management a breeze for small end companies.

A series of questions that appear during the setup automatically create a CRM solution that is tailored for customers; this is a new and very intuitive experience that users swear by.

However, the CRM falls short in user experience in terms of the glitches that users face when using this web based applications. The version is still fraught with bugs that need to be fixed if Contactually wishes to make its space among fancy CRMs that cater to large companies.

Contactually CRM Details
Customer Service    4/5
Ease of Use    5/5
Free Trial    30-day free trial
Entre Level Package    $17.99
Enterprise Package    $99.99
Most Suited For    Small to medium end businesses
Best Features    Automatic selection and customization of the system
Disappointing Feature    Major bug issues that create problems in user experiences.


Armed with this complete list of the best CRMs currently in use you can figure out which CRM fulfills the needs of your business perfectly and without costing you more than it needs to.