Give your users a freedom to customize the way they want to look at the products on your page, because their choice is always the priority, right?

With WooCommerce Grid/List toggle you can add a Grid/List toggle button to your products that will allow your users to toggle between Grid/List views of your products on your WooCommerce store.

 The list view arranges products in a vertical list and to Read More


Add the new colors to your customer’s shopping experience and give them a visual representation of your product that they can’t stop appreciating. When using your store it is really important that they get to see a polished and clean look of the products with the colors of their choices.

Woocommerce Image and Color Swatches is the best tool to help you edge out your competition.

By using the Woocommerce Read More

How To Add Badge to Products on Your Woocommerce Site


Your online shoppers are likely to feel lost on your site, when browsing through the large variety of options available for their desirable item. That being said, shoppers are always looking out for something ‘New’ or ‘Recent’ or ‘On Sale’ or ‘Trending’, as well.

Based on this tendency and on your other requirements like Stock-Clearing or Brand-Promotion, you may want to put up temporary offers on particular products. And of Read More

Zoom Magnifier Plugin: Here’s Why You Need it For Your Site



Before buying a product, online shoppers often find it essential to take a closer look of the product, so as to see its specific features like- texture & design.

Having a closer look at these details of a product not only gives mental satisfaction to the customers, but also enhances their product browsing experience, thereby increasing their chances of purchase.

By incorporating Phoeniixx’s Zoom Magnifier Plugin into your website, Read More

How to Add Product Custom Options in Woocommerce



When a customer is spending his time on a product page, still deciding to buy a particular product, chances are, that he’s also thinking about the related products he’d want or need to buy, along with that main product. For instance, if a customer is ordering a laptop online, he may also like to order custom products like Laptop Bag, Headphones, USB Mouse etc and therefore, would appreciate having Read More

How to Add Unlimited Product Tabs on a Product Page, in Woocommerce



When you are selling products online, unlike in the ‘real’ life scenario, there is no one available in-person to guide your customers, solve their issues or collect payment from them and so, you have no option but to present all the product related information (product specifications, product related offers, product options etc) as text.

Since you can’t avoid providing all these different categories of product related information on Read More