Explainer Video Script: There is More to it Than Just Words

script writing for explainer videos

Writing The Script
A lot of us think, that writing an explainer video script is something, anyone with decent writing skills could do. This, unfortunately, is not true. Think of it this way- does a person really become a photographer, just because he owns a high end camera? Of course not! It takes persistent efforts and perhaps some natural talent/inclination too, for someone to become a fine photographer.

Creative writing is no different.

It takes a metaphorical mind (and some sort of experience in creative writing) to write an explainer video script, that could communicate your idea, through a memorable story. If you happen to have that kind of a natural bent of mind towards writing a script, then you are gifted! Go ahead and write it on your own. But if you don’t (and this is true for most people who are dominantly rational), then hire someone who has that ‘special’ skill it’d take to write that ‘special’ script for your ‘special’ video.

Of course, your own understanding of your business and its marketing video’s requirements, would, any day, be better than everyone else’s, including the people you’d hire (as a video production agency), to create your explainer video. Therefore, it is your first job to clearly explain your explainer video production team, about a.) Your video’s objective(s) b.) Audience targeted through it and c.) What is it, that is expected to be communicated through your explainer video. Giving detailed guidance to your team, is something you should definitely do, if you expect your explainer video to have an uncompromised quality.

Why Script is The Most Important Element in an Explainer Video
Your Explainer Video Script (placed as a voice-over), almost talks to your audience. Considering the ideal voice-over narration speed for animated explainer videos as 150 Words/60 Secs, you barely have 225 words to completely express your idea in a 90-Sec Video. With such a time limit, the ‘talking’ has to be powerful.

Secondly, the other two elements of an explainer video- the visual and the sound effects are two dependent elements, that are produced and placed respectively, entirely on the basis of script. Once the script is finalized, it is only after that, that storyboarding is done, followed by illustration. After everything has been approved till this stage, animation is done on the basis of voice-over (which is, in essence, the recorded version of the script). Sound effects are added at a much later stage of the explainer video production cycle. Thus, your video script acts as the ‘armature’ around which an explainer video is ‘sculpted’. Need I say more about its importance?

Qualities of An Explainer Video Script

#1 A Good Script Ensures to ‘Infotain’ The Targeted Audience

The main objective of using an explainer video is basically, to explain your idea, product or whatever it is, that you want to promote. Therefore, your video script should be written, keeping in mind that the explanation it is supposed to give, is clear and precise. Your video should be scripted to educate.

infotaining the targeted customer through videos


That being said, it is important to realize that the script should also be such, that it is worth listening to and that it holds the viewer to watch the video till the very end. For this, you got to have a script that makes your animated explainer video, fun and entertaining.

Since both these points have significant importance, the script should be written in a way that the final video turns out to be both – educating and entertaining. If either element is missing, the video turns out to be ordinary. Therefore, a script has to be such, that it makes your video flow as a balanced mix of strategic communication and creative elements. In a nutshell, it should be good enough to ‘infotain’ the audience.

#2 A Good Script Incorporates Ample Number of Humor Elements
Humor is one appeal that goes particularly well with animation as a communication technique. Using word play techniques like exaggeration, satire, parody and others that could trigger laughter, humor could be easily incorporated into your explainer video script. When you incorporate humor in your video, the chances of viewers watching your explainer video completely, increase. Needless to mention, if placed well, it could make your video all the more entertaining, engaging and shareable.

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In a nutshell
If you are considering having an explainer video for your business, you got to ensure that your video script gives out the right message and aligns with the actual purpose it’s supposed to solve. Your script should be written in a way, that your video educates and entertains your audience, at the same time.