Google Analytics + Kissmetrics: The Perfect Combination for Website Optimization

Over the years, website optimization has become a huge concern for website owners. They are always on the lookout for ways to increase their conversion rates. Web analytic tools have become crucial for this process.

Anyone who has surfed through the internet for web analytics solutions has heard of the combination of Google Analytics + Kissmetrics. Both solutions have different analytic strategies and create very different data for users to utilize. However, neither of them can be discarded when it comes to website optimization.

Why is Google Analytics and Kissmetrics the perfect combination?

Before going into the specific details of how Google Analytics and Kissmetrics function together as the perfect analytic tools let us first have a look at why they form an ideal combination.

Google Analytics is built on the principles of traditional statistics. You get to study the raw data of the total number of conversions, page views, most popular as well as the least popular pages of your website and lot more.  The fact that you get all this information without wasting is a dime is probably what makes Google Analytics the most used website analytics application.

Google Analytics exactly lets you know what is happening on your website.

Such data while exceptionally useful warrants for some help because most amateurs don’t know what to do with it. Google Analytics is not helpful in letting you know who your audience is; this is the point where Kissmetrics steals the show. Kissmetrics goes a step further and gathers all the important data and links it to individuals who access your website. With the data provided by Kissmetrics, you finally get to know your audience. And when you know your audience you come one step closer to finding different ways to please them.

Is it important to use them as a combination? Can one use either of the two tools?

Here’s the thing, Kissmetrics is a bit expensive in terms of its payment plans. With the minimum plan starting $29 per month, it is not every website owner’s cup of tea. This is a huge reason Google Analytics has enjoyed widespread popularity so far. It is free for all to use. Their paid plan is only applicable for their enterprise level customers.

Kissmetrics is too expensive a solution for small and many medium sized businesses. But as your business continues to grow you will need the assistance of a metrics system that will bring you closer to your audience.

Therefore, discarding any of the two analytics tools will not be in your best interests.

What are the benefits of using this combination?

  1. This combination increases the accuracy of your data

To understand this point you need to understand exactly how Kissmetrics and Google Analytics calculate the number of users accessing a website. As Kissmetrics charts the trajectory of new users towards their path or registration or conversion, they assign a unique customer id to that user. From here on, any activity that these users commit will be collected in their profile for you to access at any point in the future.

On the other hand, Google is comparatively less accurate in terms of understanding the audience.  Any disparity between the data collected by both Google Analytics and Kissmetrics will help you to assess the information provided by both tools critically. As such you will not take those numbers at their face value and be in the know that the data that you are working with is approximate and not accurate.

  1. Google Analytics takes you in the general direction while Kissmetrics gives a more targeted approach

Google analytics is designed to nudge users in the right direction of the optimization process. However, it is with Kissmetrics that you can easily pinpoint the location on your website pages where the problem is arising.

As a result, the combination of these two analytics tools becomes perfect because they complement each other. While Google analytics is busy with finding out which users are leaving your website or getting converted, Kissmetrics, on the other hand, helps you find out why people are leaving your website and why they have converted.

This combination gives you the opportunity to optimize your website in every way possible.

  1. The integration of both applications with the API is very easy

Another huge factor that is working the favor of Kissmetrics and Google analytics combo is the fact that they can be easily integrated with each other. While Google Analytics gives you the latest data about your visitors as well the website’s performance, Kissmetrics on the other hand records all the data so that you can evaluate the progress of your website through time.

Their integration is relatively simple using both these applications hand in hand gives you accurate results that currently no other application can beat.

  1. Whatever Google Analytics lacks in Kissmetrics makes up for it and vice versa

This is one of the biggest reasons why a combination of the two is preferred. Google Analytics is not the ideal tool for funnel tracking, and Kissmetrics does not track time on page, bounce rate and exits.

Kissmetrics is the preferred tool when it comes to recording cohort reports, which are reports that group people according to certain conditions set by the user. Google Analytics cannot provide detailed reporting of this kind.

Therefore, using these two analytics tools as a combination will be the best for your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab onto Google Analytics and Kissmetrics and begin the optimization process for your website before you lose all your potential customers.