How to create mobile-specific ads on Google Adwords

At the beginning of the year 2013, Google announced to advertisers the world over that their enhanced marketing options would no longer include device specific campaigns. Whether this was a means to increase their revenue or it was a genuine attempt to increase mobile usage awareness, is still the heated topic of debate.

All things considered; this bold move left advertisers pretty much stranded.  But Google AdWords subscribers are not shaken off so easily. Check out these few tricks that will help you to create mobile-specific ads on Google AdWords.

Things to do before creating an Adwords campaigns for mobile devices

A successful AdWords campaign can only get you so far. You need to remember that in order to get the lowest bid on your AdWords campaign you need to have a high website score. If you are planning to create an ad campaign that is focused on smartphone users then, you need first to ensure that your website design in mobile friendly.

Users, who are not keen on making mobile friendly website designs, can instead create mobile responsive landing pages to increase their conversion rate.

However, mobile responsive landing pages are only a temporary fix. Statistics show that customers are 50% more likely to turn off a website that is not mobile responsive.

With the number of smartphone and tablet users increasing by the day, you are risking a vast potential market of your audience by not investing in responsive website designs.

Create ads that are mobile friendly

The key to creating mobile friendly ads is to understand how you would react to ads when surfing Google through your smartphone. Smartphone users usually search for destinations or phone numbers.

1. Add a call button on the ad

If according to Google Analytics, your website keywords have a high click through rate via smartphones, then you might consider adding a call button in your ads; this makes it easy for users to contact you directly for any service that they might need off you.

2. Make the ad mobile preferred

In order to make an ad mobile preferred, all you need to do is select the option of “mobile-preferred” when adding the content for your Google text advertisement.

These ads may be mobile preferred, but they are not designed specifically for a mobile audience. A small percentage of your total clicks will include desktop users.

3. Select ad sizes that are suited for smartphones

This option is only available for display ad campaigns. You might consider sticking with a 320x 50 megapixel ads as they do not take up too much space on a mobile screen. As such, they act as perfect ad icons for users browsing through their cell phones or using mobile apps.

Using Bid Modifiers

Bid modifiers are designed for your convenience. They are there to help you create ads that are aimed being displayed for specific devices. With bid modifiers, you can increase or reduce the percentage of ads that will appear on a specific device.

Unlike the previous option which allowed users to create separate ads for separate devices this option is slightly trickier. You can increase the bid modifier percentage to the maximum limit of 300% to increase the probability of the ad to appear on mobile devices or vice versa. But there will always be a minimal probability of ads appearing on desktops and laptops.

Using enhanced options to target a specific audience

In order to get the most out of Google ads, you need to have an in-depth understanding of your clientele. For example, restaurants and local home delivery food shops would have a better probability of mobile audiences looking for food outlets in their vicinity.

Such users can set up search parameters within a ten km range, or whatever range is preferred by them. That way only users searching for food places in that area will see their ad appearing on their smartphones.

Check out this article to understand the trick to creating optimal bid adjustments.

To use or not to use (mobile ads)

When planning a mobile ad campaign it is best to research via Google Analytics if you have a service that is more likely to be searched by mobile users. If that is the case, then you are the perfect candidate for creating a mobile ad.

But if that is not the case then it will be in your best interests to create an ad that will target your current user base.

If you take into consideration all these points, then you will automatically land up with a conversion-oriented AdWords campaign.