Social Login Lite For WooCommerce


Social Login plugin allows you to let customers associate their social (Facebook or Google+) profiles with your ecommerce site.

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This plugin lets the customers to login into an eCommerce site via one of their social (Facebook or Google+) profiles. This feature helps in increasing conversion rates and correspondingly, in improving sales. Login via the social profile saves the user from creating a new user account and remembering a new password. Also, personalization of data with social media profile(s) helps avoid inappropriate targeting. Customers appreciate if they are appropriately targeted and often get annoyed if they are not.


  • After a new user has logged into your website using a Social Login (Facebook or Google+), a unique Login ID & Password is generated and mailed to the user. The user could thereafter, choose to access his account either by using this unique ID or through Social Login.
  • You could choose to upload an icon of your preference, for Facebook and/or Google+.
  • You could also add Social Login Label on your Login Page, Register Page and/or Checkout Page.
  • You could also access a report on the number of connections that you’ve got through Facebook and Google+, distinctly.


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