Zoom Magnifier Plugin: Here’s Why You Need it For Your Site



Before buying a product, online shoppers often find it essential to take a closer look of the product, so as to see its specific features like- texture & design.

Having a closer look at these details of a product not only gives mental satisfaction to the customers, but also enhances their product browsing experience, thereby increasing their chances of purchase.

By incorporating Phoeniixx’s Zoom Magnifier Plugin into your website, Read More

How to Add Product Custom Options in Woocommerce



When a customer is spending his time on a product page, still deciding to buy a particular product, chances are, that he’s also thinking about the related products he’d want or need to buy, along with that main product. For instance, if a customer is ordering a laptop online, he may also like to order custom products like Laptop Bag, Headphones, USB Mouse etc and therefore, would appreciate having Read More

How to Add Unlimited Product Tabs on a Product Page, in Woocommerce



When you are selling products online, unlike in the ‘real’ life scenario, there is no one available in-person to guide your customers, solve their issues or collect payment from them and so, you have no option but to present all the product related information (product specifications, product related offers, product options etc) as text.

Since you can’t avoid providing all these different categories of product related information on Read More

Woocommerce Quick View Plugin: Why You Need it for Your WordPress Site

woocommerce quick view plugin wordpress

When customers are browsing through different variety of products on an online shop, they usually start by doing a very casual go-through. In their first go-through, they only want to quickly view all the products, without having to read much about each available choice.

Woocommerce Quick View Plugin, lets your customers view all products in a much faster way, by assisting them in a quick go-through.

Unlike the typical Read More

How to Load All The Same-Category Products on a Single Page in Woocommerce

woocommerce infinite scroll plugin

When a customer is browsing through available options of a particular product on a site, he often avoids going to the ‘next page’, after he has gone through the product options, placed on first few pages of the seller’s site. Therefore, the products displayed at later pages, are not even browsed through, by the customers. To resolve this problem, Infinite (Ajax) Scrolling WooCommerce Plugin lets you put all of your Read More

How to Set Your Product’s Delivery Date & COD Options Based on Pin Code

A lot of times, it happens that customers do an online purchase of a product, but eventually end up getting refunded for it from the seller, because of the seller’s lack of resources to deliver that product, at the customer-desired location. This causes a lot of inconvenience to the customer if he is informed about this issue, after having gone through the entire process of choosing an item (from Read More

How to Use Gmail SMTP to Send Email in WordPress

WordPress users have a lot of trouble in getting mails from visitors via the forms they fill up on their site or other such means. This happens because WordPress uses the wp_mail() function which basically follows the standard PHP mail() function. This usually ends up sending the mails on the clients’ servers.

This can get very tricky.  But WordPress experts caught on to this glitch fairly quickly and fixed it Read More

5 Awesome Tips to Reduce Spam on Your WordPress Site

Spammers are evil. They will crowd your site if you don’t keep tabs on them and this can have a huge impact on your viewers. They will be discouraged from visiting your website. So, you need to do everything in your power to keep your website spam free. This article covers some neat tricks to help your reduce spam on your WordPress site.

Follow these awesome tips and you can Read More

Using WordPress Permalinks without Breaking the Site?

Permalinks are basically link structures created by you to replace the default URLs that appear on the address bar.

Why are permalinks important?

Now, you would ask what this little link change can do for your website. Well, it can do a lot. This component plays an extremely crucial role in improving your site’s SEO. How do they do that?

• They help search engines in crawling your website as Read More

Simple Steps to Put WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode

Just like you need to renovate your home after every few years, your website needs to be updated according to the latest trends. It is at these times when your website is under the maintenance mode that you need a maintenance mode page. It lets your visitors know that your site is not out of business and that you will be back soon with a better and updated version.

A Read More

2 Simple Ways to Change your WordPress Username

So, are you thinking about changing the username of your WordPress website but don’t know how to go about it? Well it’s a pretty straight forward process.

In this article we are going to cover two basic ways in which you can change your WordPress username.

  1. Through the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Through PhpMyAdmin section of your cPanel


Way 1: Through the WordPress Dashboard

Step 1: Log into your WordPress Account Read More

How to Create Custom User Roles for WordPress

WordPress is a very powerful CMS, especially for blogging websites. In our previous tutorial we had covered that the default user roles in every WordPress blog are the Subscriber, Contributor, Administrator, Author and Editor Roles.

However, sometimes these roles are not enough. To create custom user roles, WordPress users need to add an extra plugin in their WordPress website that will help create custom roles with different privileges. For the Read More